Proclamation Youth Choir is an outreach ministry of Crosspoint Fellowship in Diamond, MO. and is comprised of many youth from all across the 4-State area. The choir began in 2017, mainly in response to the state of congregational singing in America. We’ve observed that congregational singing in many American churches is in desperate need of revival. Many people come to church simply as spectators and never become the active participants in worship that God desires for them to be. Proclamation Youth Choir derived it’s name from Psalm 96:2, which states, “Sing to the LORD, praise His name; proclaim His salvation day after day.” We desire to ignite the next generation with a love for singing and proclaiming the salvation of our God. And we realize this must first begin in the heart and mind. We believe when an individual begins to better understand who God is, who we are as sinners, and what God has done for us through the work of His Son, then the heart will naturally overflow with singing and praise. This is why we do our best to pick theologically-rich songs and teach theology along the way. We pray that many might be drawn unto Christ through the work of this choir and that in return, families and churches would be strengthened.
Join us as the Proclamation Youth Choir presents
Let The Nations Be Glad
Saturday, April 24, 2021; 6pm
Calvary Baptist Church – Neosho, MO
Let the nations be glad
Let the people rejoice
For salvation belongs to our God
Let the whole earth be filled
With the praises of the Lord
For salvation belongs to our God
Let the nations be glad
Excerpt from the song, “Let the Nations Be Glad” by Matt Papa