F.B. Meyer

Charles Spurgeon said of F.B. Meyer, “Meyer preaches as a man who has seen God face to face”.

Born in a devout Baptist home, Meyer was heavily influenced by a Quaker grandmother and by his good friend D L Moody. From an early age he felt that God was going to call him to the ministry, and was even told by his Baptist pastor “Some day you will stand at the end of the aisle and shake hands with the people as I am doing now”. Meyer preached more than sixteen thousand sermons over his successful sixty-year ministry, yet he said “I am just God’s errand boy.” His sermons are among the finest examples of devotional preaching – yet these sermons were most effective because they were a reflection of the life that Meyer lived in Christ – holy, devoted, and saintly.  (Source:  www.reformedreader.org)