Excellent Resources for Youth!
180 The Movie
(Award-winning Controversial Video by Ray Comfort on abortion. It is 33 minutes that will rock your world!)

Genius The Movie
(Another award-winning documentary by Ray Comfort. Discover the truth about John Lennon.)

Background of the Shocking Youth Message
(Paul Washer is asked about the background to the Shocking Youth Message.)

Divided The Movie
(A must see for parents of teenage youth! This one hour documentary may change the way you view the local “youth group.”)

Elisabeth Elliott
(Wife of Jim Elliott. Check our her book, Passion & Purity)

Do You Desire God
(Paul Washer youtube video)

Becoming Esther (Paul & Charo Washer)
(This short two-page article is aimed at single, young women.)

Word to the Young (Paul Washer)
(Paul exhorts younger Christians to start living for God now and not later, so that they don’t waste their lives. Young Christians, their parents, and youth leaders should certainly read this brief article.)