Paul Washer quote on salvation...

The moment a person calls upon Christ in faith, they are saved, but the evidence of salvation is not that one time in their life they were sincere when they prayed a prayer. The evidence of their salvation is: is there genuine repentance, is there faith, and do those both evangelical graces continue on in their life and grow? In other words, the evidence of justification by faith is the ongoing work of sanctification through the Holy Spirit.


Living Waters (Ray Comfort)

The vision of Living Waters is to inspire in every Christian a God-glorifying passion to fulfill the Great Commission. Their mission is to accomplish this through their award-winning television program, their Ambassadors’ Alliance and Academy, Transformed and Deeper training conferences, CDs, DVDs, books, and unique gospel tracts. Their earnest prayer is that God would raise up laborers as never before. Their desire is for those laborers to embrace biblical evangelism, and their aim is to equip them with tools to make the task easy and effective.

This website will provide you with plenty of evangelism resources, such as a free answers tool & helpful memory verses.


Below are four evangelism documentaries produced by Ray Comfort and Living Waters.  The videos are a great means of encouragement in approaching soul-winning!



180 is a 33-minute 2011 anti-abortion documentary film produced by Ray Comfort, founder of Living Waters Publications. The film has been posted publicly on the film’s official website and YouTube. The film is notable for comparing abortions to the Holocaust.

This is what Pastors are saying about the 180 movie…

“This is a powerful, confrontational treatment of abortion that rocks its defenders back on their heels.  Don’t miss it!” – John MacArthur, Pastor Grace Community Church

“I give my unflinching, joyful, trembling Yes to ‘180’. Unflinching, because it’s right. Joyful, because it’s good. Trembling, because this our defeated enemy is still vicious.” – John Piper

Extremely convicting.  It made me question my courage.  I pray it causes many to evaluate their silence.”  – Francis Chan



“Genius” is a chilling movie based on the life and tragic murder of John Lennon. Ray Comfort said, “It’s chilling because it reveals what people will do for money. There are ordinary people out there who would kill you. All they need is the right amount of money and the belief that they won’t get caught.”

Just before he was murdered, John Lennon told Playboy magazine that he didn’t want to die at 40. Ironically the famous singer was gunned down at the age of 40 by a man who killed him just because he wanted to become famous.

Comfort said, “Many think that John Lennon was a musical genius. His music has crossed cultures and even generations–the Beatles have sold more than 2,303,500,000 record albums, and in June of 2012 they hit number one on iTunes. They are as big now as they ever were and they’re half dead–with the tragic loss of Lennon and Harrison.”

Ken Mansfield, the former U.S. Manager for Apple Records said, “Genius will open your eyes.” Other reviewers have called it “fast-paced, thought-provoking and compelling.” It is being promoted as “33 minutes that will rock your soul.”


Evolution vs God

What do scientists from top universities say when asked to give the most compelling evidence they can for Darwinian Evolution? This DVD contains some of today’s most explicit “proof” that evolutionism is a religious belief—and the evidence comes from interviews of several of Charles Darwin’s leading modern disciples! (Source:  Answers In Genesis)


Noah and the Last Days

This isn’t Hollywood’s version starring Russell Crowe in which Hollywood has listed as a “fantasy movie.”  Instead, Noah and the Last Days is life changing and is based on truth found in the scriptures.  Rather than tell the story of Noah and the ark, Ray Comfort looks at the parallels between Noah’s day and ours and gives 10 biblical signs of the last days.What are people are saying about this 30 minute documentary?

“A powerful evangelistic tool.” —Ken Ham, President, Answers in Genesis and the Ark Encounter

“Timely and effective…I heartily recommend this film.” —Paul Washer, President, HeartCry Missionary Society

“With classic Comfort and warm confrontation, my friend Ray gets to the heart of this generation’s greatest need. Hollywood may have a Crowe, but the gospel has a Kiwi. As far as whose star will win more awards in Heaven and have their name immortalized on streets of gold, my bets on the ‘preacher of righteousness’ from down under! Special kudos to the graphics designer of ‘Noah—And the Last Days.’ Well done!” —Kirk Cameron, Actor, Growing Pains and Fireproof

“I could not take my eyes away from the screen, and when it was over, I cried…” —Janet Parshall, “In the Marketplace” Moody Radio

Ligonier Evangelism and Missions

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